nvestigating factors affecting the trend of using internet banking banks in Vietnam

The questionnaire survey

(Investigating factors affecting the trend of using internet banking banks in Vietnam.)

For questions numbers from 9 to 46, your answers are numbered from 1 to 5 according to the following rules: “1”: Completely disagree. “2”: Objecting to “3”: Standard “4”: Yes. “5”: Totally agree.

1. / Your Name

2. / Age

3. / Sex
• Male
• Female

4. / Now, you are using cards to trade frequently with automatic teller machines?

• international debit card (debit card)
• Credit Card (Credit Card)

5. / Bank name service provider of your card?

6. / You used the card for how long?

• Less than 3 months
• From 3 months to less than 6 months
• Over 6 months

7. / The average income per month for You?
• Less than 3 million
• From 3 to under 5 million
• From 5 to under 10 million
• Over 10 million

8. Average level of Internet banking services used by you?

• Less than 1 time per week
• From 1 to 2 times / week
• From 3 to 5 times a week
• Over 5 times / week

9. / Never lost money in my account?

10. / Thu always successful transaction.

11. / Not to be swallowed or lock failure on the part supplier.

12. / Control transaction in the account.

13. / There were errors in individual transactions (such as lack of cash withdrawal, transfer errors, …).

14. / Internet banking system works well as what the bank commitments.

15. / You can easily find the item in a transaction that should be performed.

16. / Transaction done quickly after receiving orders.

17. / Transactions done exactly as you request.

18. / Internet banking system is available the item that you need done.

19. / All the items on internet banking systems are working well.

20. / Strictly about the payment and internet banking products.

21. / Do not take more time for an Internet banking transaction.

22. / Procedure log into the system quickly.

23. / Internet banking interface helps you easily find what you need.

24th. / You can easily access any item on any interface of the Internet banking system.

22. / Internet banking system is always ready for you to conduct transactions.

23. / Interface enabling you to quickly make the transaction.

24. / Interface fully reflect the item selected.

25. / Interface design clear, consistent.

26. / No crashes or system error after receiving orders.

27. / Get the help of the bank as soon as you request.

28. / Questions, complaints of banks You are always answered satisfactorily.

29. / Easily change personal password (PIN)

30. / Your personal information is secure.

31. / Protect information on your Internet Banking account.

32. / Internet baking system protecting information about the transaction that you have made.

33. / Site transactions through internet banking system no one can reach while performing transactions.

34. / You understand fully featured Internet banking services before deciding to use.

35. / Internet banking services that you use suit your needs use.

36. / Providers understand the needs of your desire.

37. / Internet banking system has always served 24h/365ngay.

38. / Internet banking service quality (not torn or counterfeit money …).

39. / Payment of all basic services (electricity, water, telephone, mobile, ADSL, cable …) by multiple vendors.

40. / Convenient way to access, easy access.

41. / Layout interface to manipulate

42. / General, Internet banking services to meet all the demand for cash management.

43. / Internet banking I always choose to spend cash management.

44. / I will present the usefulness of Internet banking services to relatives and friends.

45. / In general, you pleased with the quality of internet banking services.

46. / General, do you assess the quality of internet banking services.

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