Question: The definition of management is the attainment of organization goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading and controlling organizational resources. Assuming that you are a human resource manager, how would you use this definition to explain how you would manage workplace diversity and motivational approaches such as gain-sharing and executive information systems in a contemporary organization?


Management potential

Let’s face it: we all have work style, background, and experience different cultures. Effective CEO will not see all these differences is the need to manage, but it is erroneous views. Try to micro-management style of working people and the personal conflict is a completely lost job time. Please see staff as professionals and the orientation of their skills.

The CEO leads by effectively managing potential – sharpen the skills of the group, make plans to utilize these skills in order to achieve the final goal.
Focusing on strengths, not weaknesses

A football coach does not claim a right defensive midfielder. Coach to put the players where they can promote and win the group. Make the appropriate skills and responsibility is the way to success, not just focus on weaknesses.

Many CEOs are not aware of the view that their job is to put people in positions to succeed. The leaders do not often see the effective annual review is an opportunity to focus on their weaknesses, to set goals for improving these areas. In doing so they were wasting their time. CEOs focus on performance strengths and promote the talents and interests of employees and manage their weaknesses.

Learn how to motivate each employee the best

In motivating and encouraging staff, how often is conducted by scratching. In fact, different people have different expectations. A single employee will see how the trip was a gift package is encouraged, but older workers – the father of the child can see the time with family is encouraged.

Likewise, in the daily management, some employees do not need anything but a pat on the back, while other employees to receive regular recognition.
Effective leaders recognize that employee goals and different ambitions. Learn what they can help to achieve efficiency, loyalty and how to work from staff.



Question: Discuss the following statement: organizational culture is the prime determinant of organizational performance




Organizational culture is seen as a perception only exists in an organization, not in an individual. Thus, individuals have the cultural background, lifestyles, different perceptions, working in different positions in an organization tend to show that the organizational culture in the same way or at Most have a common denominator.

Cultural organizations related to cognitive style and behavior of members for the inside and outside the organization.

Also, the organization’s culture is vibrant and the presence of specific organizations that people can easily recognize. Images may be due to many factors constituting. So, just one element of a change, then theoretically, the image of that organization will be different. Thus, on theoretical aspects, will not have this cultural institutions like other organizations, whether they be similar points.

Culture of the organization depends on each employee should work personnel are particularly important, relevant and most powerful direct back culture of the organization.

Can see that effect as soon as an employee of any action. When employees work from this department by other departments, staff should also consider the suitability for general culture of the community and impact upon new employees or not. Conversely, consider a new culture of community is appropriate for people new to or not.

Similarly, when hiring managers or new, we also take into account the mutual fit between new employees and new community groups of people.

In recruiting staff from outside the organization, not just find people who do good but also consider recruiting staff that is consistent with the current culture of the organization. The new employees will be affected by the existing culture of the organization, so if no match, the employee will leave the organization early. Often the principal dimensions of the impact of organizational culture from institutions to individuals and only a few cases (usually leaders) will have the opposite effect with the culture of that organization.

FPT is a corporation operating in the field of information technology in Vietnam are the largest considered one of the organizations that have successfully built a culture of the organization within the company.

With many other organizations, cultural organizations are just at making the code of conduct.

Many international corporations have a strong culture and unique culture that has been introduced into Vietnam in the course of business.



Question: Discuss the effect of foreign direct investment on trade



In the context of globalization today activities of foreign direct investment plays an important role for the economies of the countries mentioned here I can be as effective as the following:

Complement domestic capital

In the theory of economic growth, factors which are always mentioned. When an economy to grow faster, it needs a lot more capital. If domestic capital is not enough, this economy would like to have both capital from abroad, including FDI.
Acquire technology and management know-how.

In some cases, despite the lack of capital for growth can be partly mobilized by “policy tightening their belts.” However, technology and management know-how can not get by that policy. Attracting FDI from multinational companies will have an opportunity to acquire the technology and business management know-how that these companies have accumulated and developed over the years and with the large expenses. However, the proliferation of technology and know that the country managed to attract investment depends heavily on acquiring the capability of the country.

Join the global production network

When attracting FDI from multinational companies, not only invested factories of multinational companies, but even other firms in the country have business relations with enterprises that will participate the regional division of labor. Therefore, the investment will have the opportunity to join a global manufacturing network favorable for promoting export.

Increase the number of jobs and training workers

Since one purpose of FDI is to exploit the conditions to achieve lower production costs, so firms have invested abroad will hire more local employees. Income segments of the population of a local improvement will contribute positively to the growth of local economy. In the course of that hiring, training and professional skills, which in many cases is new and progress in developing countries to attract foreign investment, enterprises will be provided. This creates a team of workers with the skills to attract FDI. Not only regular employees, but local experts have the opportunity to work and professional training in enterprises with foreign investment.

Major revenue source

For many developing countries, or for more local tax by enterprises with foreign investment capital to pay the revenue budget is important. For example, in Hai Duong, private tax collection from companies assembling Ford cars accounting for 50 percent of domestic revenue in the province in 2009




Gross profit results from a company’s transactions with its customers and suppliers. What types of transactions affect gross profit? How does the accouting for timing differences between cash flow and accrual measurements of these transactions affect financial statement?

  • What types of transactions affect gross profit?

Businesses exist in the economic environment – social influence of various factors from the business environment offers. There are subjective elements belong in the business side, there are objective factors that are beyond the control of the business. These factors can one create conditions for business survival and development but on the other hand it is also the problem that every business needs to be overcome, to go to the final destination is the high profit . So businesses need to have and use effective measures to improve profitability on the basis of precise analysis of factors affecting the profitability associated with the situation analysis, potential business ….

a) factors affecting the Group turnover.

This factor reflects the level of organizing, managing and promoting consumer products. Starting from the formula for determining revenues:

Revenue = Price x Volume of goods sold units

Thus, the following major factors will have direct impact to revenue.

Of organization and management.

We can say people always played a central role and has directly affected the outcome of the business activities of enterprises. Especially in the market economy, as businesses must compete in a tough back then people assert themselves as the decisive factor making a profit. Professional qualifications as well as the nimbleness of the leaders in the market mechanism, directly influence business performance of enterprises, particularly enterprises with a staff of highly qualified staff, adapt to the requirements of self-reliance, then the business has many advantages in improving labor efficiency, thereby creating conditions improve profitability.

Volume of products produced and consumed in public. It’s greatest impact to revenue product consumption, mass consumption of major products, the consumption of large quantities of products produced many plans ensure regular, continuous, quality assurance high volume business is profitable.

– The structure of consumption goods:

The structural changes found by the fluctuation of market demand to meet the demands of society. To improve economic efficiency, reduce business risk, increase profits, firms are not diversified industries, business areas that always have to define the structure found to be reasonable and appropriate to not miss good opportunities in business and do not affect sales.

– Price products.

In the conditions of competition today, will determine the right price to ensure the ability to consume, avoid standing ế goods, limiting losses. So to have a rational policy, which requires businesses to capture accurate information about the market. From there a decision on prices for each product a reasonable price not only offset the costs to be spent but also the market acceptance and profitability.

b) The group of factors affecting business costs

Group factors affecting business, including cost of goods sold, selling expenses, corporate expenses. Subjective factors affecting the increased cost of business is cost management level of enterprises. Cost is an important factor affecting profitability, wants to control costs, companies have to rebuild the specific business plan. Effective management of costs to create conditions for enterprises to raise efficiency costs increase profits. If no result will not only increase but also not easy to decline occurring revenue is not offset spending.

c) Other factors

Actually outside factors on many other factors affecting profitability, such as:

+ On the capital:

Physical capital is a precondition for production and business activities of enterprises. So that is one important factor in determining business performance and profitability of the business.

In the process of competitive business market that “capital cases” have the advantage of the advantageous capital business. Ability which makes abundant business opportunities for the business, is expanding the market conditions, thereby enabling businesses to increase revenue and increase profitability.

Once you have a certain ability of capital, each enterprise needs to preserve and use an effective capital.

+ Tax policy: Tax is a tool to successfully carry out state regulation of their tissue. Tax forms filed as required by law and not return directly to any economic organization. So tax is one cost of business, high or low tax rates will directly affect the profitability of the business.

+ Interest rate policy: Generally, for production and business activities, apart from its own capital to borrow more capital enterprises. Businesses can borrow capital in various ways: by issuing bonds, bank loans, businesses or other organizations, individuals, and businesses must pay the lender an amount called interest .
Deposit interest is calculated based on interest rates, principal amount and loan period. Interest rate will depend on the interest rate discount of the State Bank. When the State Bank discount rate changes will directly impact the interest rate for loans to enterprises, thus affecting the cost and impact on the profitability of the business.

 + Control prices: In the market economy, prices are not controlled by the State in which it was formed in the market due to the interaction between supply and demand. However in some cases, state price controls on some products to ensure the healthy development of the market, such as electricity, water, gas, oil … If manufacturing companies, business goods and services that the old state-controlled prices of goods and services to businesses located in the specified frame rate. The state-controlled prices for some commodities could impact the profitability of business enterprises producing goods. On the other hand, if the enterprises producing and trading goods and services that have to use the materials subject to price control policy of the State, the State price controls would affect the cost of business and therefore, affect business profits.

  • How does the accouting for timing differences between cash flow and accrual measurements of these transactions affect financial statement?


LCTT report provides information on cash flow is divided into three categories of activity are 1) business, 2) investment and 3) financial (Operating, Investing & Financing). VAS 24 LCTT Report defines “business activities are activities generated revenue of major businesses and activities other than investment activities or financing activities.” And “Active investment activities as procurement, construction, liquidation or sale of long-term assets and investments other than cash equivalents. “

Suppose Company A in 2008 after tax net profit of 30 billion, the cost of depreciation is 5 billion years, the account balances of short-term assets and liabilities shall not change between early and late last year except for accounts payable to suppliers of a building is 40 billion. According to IAS 7 and / or VAS 24 and Circular 105/2003 TT-BTC dated 04/11/2003 guiding LCTT report, cash flow from operations on LCTT report by the indirect method (the method used The most widely by the business) will be as follows:

 Business cash flow ratio of Net profit after tax                       30

Congchi Depreciation                                                             5

Except for pay increases in commercia                                   l 0

Net cash flow from operations                                                35

But perhaps because the instructions to pay the seller’s account, including paying suppliers for long-term assets, so many companies have not split the tree to pay for the purchase of fixed assets from the accounts payable Should they trade LCTT report as follows:

 Business cash flow ratio of Net profit after tax                       30

Plus depreciation of                                                                 5

Except for increases in accounts payable                                (40)

Net cash flow from operations                                                (5)

So that way 2 many enterprises are implementing, accounts payable for construction of fixed assets (the investment activity) was recorded both in the business. It makes the net cash flow from operations is not true meaning of it. According to the nature of transactions, cash flow from operations for the company in 2008 will be 35 billion. If a normal company operations, investors would be expected annual cash flow from operations of the company will be around 35 billion surplus to fund other activities without the external financing sources. However if you look at the latter two reports, the net cash flow from operations in 2008 is negative 5 billion. This is clearly a very serious problem when the net cash flow from operations is negative. That could make investors think that the normal business activities of companies not make more income? Quality profits of 30 billion company as well as the financial situation of companies is a problem, not normal? And if the company continues to do so may be in danger. In the financial statements of the investment company has fixed assets purchase more, but not paid, net cash flow from operations may be very large negative (in 2007 many companies with the condition


In defining demand and supply, why do you think economics focus on price while holding constant other factor that might have an impact on the behavior of buyers and sellers

The choice of subject product from tacdong huge economic circumstances of that person. Tecua economic circumstances including income people can spend duoccuaho (income, mucondinh and arrangement time), savings and assets (including percentage luudong assets), liabilities, possible borrowing power, attitudes to spending and saving. Linda can buy a laptop and if she nhapduoc codu revenue expenditure, savings or ability to borrow and spend more interested in saving. As marketing the goods are sensitive to earnings should regularly monitor the trends in personal income, savings and interest rates. If the economic indicators the recession is temporary, then as marketing may conduct the re-design measures, xacdinh position vadinh prices for our products to tucdam minhde security value for another target.

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