1. Research background

2. Research motive.

3. Research objective.

4. Research structure


1. Overview of the export situation of Dak Lak’s coffee.

 1.1. Overview of Dak Lak province

1.2 The situation of Dak Lak coffee exports from 2001 to 2009.

1.2.1 The export turnover.

1.2.2. Export price

1.2.3. Export Markets

2. Overview of research on export coffee.

      2.1.  The research in the country.

2.1.1. Research on export coffee of Vietnam.

2.1.2. Research on coffee exports Dak Lak

      2.2.  The research in the foreign country.

3. Factors affect the export of DakLak’s coffee.


  1. Research framework.
  2. Hypothesis

3. Methods: (Questionnaire and SPSS)

4. Analysis Sampling

4.1. Situations coffee processing industry Daklak province today.

4.2. Analysis of data through survey








1. Research background

Coffee occupies an important position in world trade and is also a source of foreign currency for many developing countries. Currently, there are around 70 coffee producing countries in the world, among them 49 members of the International Coffee Organizations (hereafter ICO) approximately 97% of global coffee supply.

In recent years, Vietnam’s coffee sector had risen strongly, confirming its position as one of the leading exporting countries on the world map of coffee (a coffee export country and No. 2 in the world investment in the Asia-Pacific).

 Dak Lak province of Vietnam is one of the local has climatic conditions, suitable land for growing coffee for export. According to latest information from the Dak Lak Department of Industy and Trade said that the 2009-2010 coffee crop in the past, products Dak Lak’s coffee are exported to 56 countries and territories.  Coffee exports accounted for the highest proportion is still the traditional markets such as America, Japan, EU … in addition, Dak Lak’s coffee products is also expanding exports to new markets such as Panama, Cyprus , Kuwait … the popular people. For the traditional market, there are location imported over 10 million USD, up 70%  number of coffee’s export of the province (approximately 228.451 tons) such as Japan over 65.3 millions USD, Germany 59.9 millions USD, Italy 48.2 millions USD….

In short the general informations above, it can be said of coffee is the main export items of Vietnam in general and of Dak Lak province in particular. It is found has the advantage of our high export in both the short and long term. Potential production and export of Dak Lak’s coffee is great, and the needs of the world market for this item continues to rise. Therefore, the research focused strategies to boost export of Dak Lak’s coffee is a very important and necessary job.

2. Research motive.


According to data reported by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Dak Lak, 2009-2010 crop coffee’s area of the province is 185,000 ha.  In spite of adversely affected by climate, disease impact relatively large but coffee production province have reached 400,000 tons (about 50% of the total export volume and area of Vietnam’s coffee), reaching export turnover of over 195 million USD (up nearly 50% of export turnover of Vietnam’s coffee industry).

Although there are many potential advantages, strengthens in the production and export of coffee as mentioned above, however the development of Dak Lak’s coffee industry still exist many problems such as inadequate; reserve capacity, processing is very limited; low quality coffee; coffe export price of Dak Lak has still suffered on the world market, exporting of raw coffee still accounts for a large proportion of the total export volume, export market has developed but still exported through intermediaries… from which effective export of coffee in Dak Lak in the past time is not high to affect production and export of Vietnam’s coffee, especially in the context of international economic integration. Starting from the above-mentioned difficulties of exporting coffee activities of Dak Lak province motivated important topic I decided “Study of factors affecting coffee exports in Dak Lak province.” in order to evaluate a systematic factors affecting the export competitiveness of Dak Lak’s coffee on the world market and work out appropriate solutions for the sustainable development of Dak Lak’s coffee industry.

3. Research objective.


The objective of this research is to study the factors affecting the export of coffee Dak Lak province, in which research, analysis factors to clarify the export competitiveness of Dak Lak coffee.

4. Research structure


1. Overview of the export situation of Dak Lak’s coffee.

 1.1. Overview of Dak Lak province

Geographical location:

DaklakProvince is located in the Central Plateau Central VietNam, is a land known for coffee, rubber and festivals. Natural area is 13,125 km2 and a population of 1.8 million people of 44 ethnic groups live. (http://www.daklak.gov.vn). Daklak is low and a large plateau, with an average elevation of 500 meters above the sea surface. The east have the prairie stretches, the west of the low topography, the river flows through here Serepok forming a large waterfall, the south is valley, have Lak lake 500 hectares wide, two rivers Krong No and Krong Ana forming a broad basin has thousands of hectares of fertile land.

Land in Dak Lak is quite favorable for agricultural production (easy to exploit and improve investment costs low, high ecological safety). The total natural land area of the province more than 1.3 million hectares, of which over 700 thousand hectares of land is fertile red basaltic soil, is located on relatively flat areas should be particularly suitable for the cultivation of industrial crops long, such as coffee, rubber … especially Robusta coffee.


Dak Lak’s climate has been dominated by tropical monsoon climate, moderate nature of the highland climate with moderate temperatures nearly all year round, has created the ecological zones suitable for many agricultural crops , especially for long-term industrial crops and high economic value such as coffee, rubber, cashew, pepper, cotton ….

Dak Lak’s climate is divided into two distinct rainy sunny (rainy season from May to October, dry season from November to April the following year). Average rainfall is 1,900 mm, 81% humidity, high sunshine hours, suitable for irrigation, harvesting and drying of coffee.

With these natural conditions mentioned above, Dak Lak is a convergence of factors outlook for cultivation, production and trading of coffee. The development of coffee as a driving force of economic development in the strategic restructuring of agriculture and rural economy of the province. Dak Lak has also confirmed its number one position on the map Vietnam’s coffee exports.



Human resource:

With the area’s largest coffee, about 185 thousand ha, about 80% of the population lives in the province related to coffee and that figure could still rise. (TradePromotionCenter, 4/10/2009). Abundant labor resources with the structure of young people, workers are hardworking, intelligent, creative and have many years experience in farming and coffee production, so could confirm human resource development strategy Dak Lak’s coffee is great.

1.2 The situation of Dak Lak coffee exports from 2001 to 2009.

1.2.1 The export turnover.


Dak Lak province has contributed to many coffee products in nine years was found standing on valuable export over $ 1 billion USD per year and export volumes of coffee annually ranks second in the world .

Dak Lak province has contributed to make many coffee products in nine years find standing on valuable export over 1 billion USD per year and export volumes of coffee annually ranks second in the world .

Export turnover in Dak Lak coffee period of 2001 – quarter 1 / 2009.


Export turnover in Dak Lak province (million USD).

Coffee export volumes (tons).

Coffee export turnover (million USD)

2001 188.838 448,048 179.385
2002 139.233 294,848 126.139
2003 152.176 215,770 138.863
2004 253.594 366,558 237.358
2005 348.169 389,769 307.605
2006 436.093 328,920 388.125
2007 570.546 360,410 551.138
2008 685.743 387,266 650.262
Quarter 1 / 2009 128.763 74,139 113.380

From the statistic data exported through the years of Dak Lak province and charts can be seen coffee exporters in the role of key export commodities of the province. Each year, coffee exports accounted for over 90% of exports of goods in general, regardless of any fluctuation on coffee exports also led to corresponding changes in the provincial export.

Export turnover in Dak Lak coffee increased relatively evenly across the year, as follows:.

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