Global Business Assignment

Global Business


Assessment                                                                          Industry Analysis

Students will work in small groups of three to carry out an economic analysis of a particular industry of their choice.  The following issues should be addressed in the course of the report;

  • A definition of the industry and the extent to which it is operating in a global market.
  • An analysis of industry performance in terms of growth of the market, position in product life cycle, profitability.
  • An analysis of the nature of competition within the industry.
  • The future prospects for this industry highlighting the effects of recent changes in the international business environment and the impact these changes might have for the nature of competition within the industry.

The industry analysis should be between 5000 and 6000 words in length and will be presented to the rest of the class in the last week of the semester.

50% of the Group Project mark will be awarded for the presentation and 50% for the written report.

The mark awarded for the presentation will be based upon the following criteria:

The clarity of the presentation.

  • Is the material presented in a lively and natural way not read verbatim from notes?  Use of visual aids, are they clear and do they aid the presentation.

The content of the presentation.

  • Does it cover the relevant issues using recent data and appropriate examples? Does it demonstrate an understanding of the issues? Is it analytical rather than descriptive?

The impact of the presentation

  • Does it stimulate a reaction from the rest of the group in terms of questions and discussion? Does it aid the groups understanding of the issues?

The presentation should last approximately thirty to forty minutes. Students are encouraged to be innovative in terms of the way in which they deliver the group presentation.

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