EU MBA Assignment Question Managerial Economic


Assignment Question

Managerial Economic



Identify a company you know for analysis using Managerial Economic perspective.

Describe the kind of market this company is in e.g. Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Oligopoly, etc for it’s output. Describe its market for input e.g. labor, capital, etc.

Give examples of changes in the markets that can affect the price and quantity outputs. Give examples of changes in the markets that can affect the price and quantity inputs.

Give examples of government actions that can affect price and quantity.

Identify and explain Managerial Economics methods that can be used in this company. Use examples and historical data where possible. Include “risk and returns” analysis.

What did you learn from this module?                                                             “

Notes for Assignment Submission


The assignment should contain approximately 1000 words in a typed format in ‘Times New Roman’ font, size 12 with 1.5 line spacing and page numbers.

Students are required to demonstrate their ability by producing in their own words. When using references and quotations to support your summary in the assignment, students must reference any ideas or data that are not their own. Any plagiarism from any books will be subject to a deduction of marks.

The cover page must contain the following:

–       Course title.

–       Assignment topic.

–       Group member names with student numbers in brackets.

The assignment should consist of the following sections, in order of appearance:

1)      Assignment cover page.

2)      Table of contents.

3)      Introduction.

4)      The body

5)      Conclusions.

6)      Recommendations.

7)      List of references and appendices (if any).

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