The establishment and development of Hightech limited company

Chapter I:

The establishment and development of

Hightech limited company

1.1 . The reason for establishing Tanan limited company

In the last year of the 1980s decade, the Vietnamese economy developed based on the market mechanism. This created many opportunities for the private setor. Besides, after two wars, the Vietnamese infrastructures were heavily destroyed. So, we needed to import a lot of goods and equiptment from developed countries for developing the national economy. The founder of the company realized that the demand for complete equipment and other goods of our economy would be very high. So they established the company with the target of importing and distributing complete equipment and other goods.

Founded on the 13th February 1990, Hightech limited company was enterprise permitted by the State to import complete plants for the all section of the national economy.

1.2   History and development

Hightech limited company, over 18 years of development and growth, has of the biggest companies operating successfully and made good progress in both production and trading. Specializing in importing complete equipment lines, individual machinery, materials, spare-parts, and technology for different fields …. And Hightech limited company has an advantage, that is, it uses its products to produce spare parts for other industries, especially cement industry. In trade, Hightech limited company is the business oust materiala and chemicals that are necessary for other industries.

Hightech company Ltd is the reliable address to many domestic and foreign customers who use medium frequency furnace, and devices for geological survey, construction… Products supplies by Hightech company Ltd are all produced by prestigious firms in the world.

Having a team of able and well- educated staff, hearty specialist and with the current advantages. Hightech company Ltd is striving for better services to its customers.

Bringing excellent services to customers is their responsibility and pride. Customers’ cooperation and help are the indispensable factors on their way to development. They fully understand that their Prestige and Success depend on the effectiveness they bring to customers. Hightech company Ltd now wishes to work with businesses on the base: Co-operate for Development.

In the recent years, dispite the difficulties and challenges resulted from competion of the company, Hightech company Ltd has sought a right direction to bring into play its own independent abilities, expand and develop business activities, create new approaches to meet clients’ needs. At the first step, Hightech company Ltd has achieved high corporate goals, preserved and increased its capital. Hightech company Ltd has become a reliable partner of domestic and forign enterprises.

The import- export turnover of the five years 1994-1998 (table 1) was USD 523 millions, total revenue was VND 1.652 billions, total profit was VND 28 billons, total contribution to the buget was VND 207 billions. With great achievement and contribution to the prosperity of the country, Hightech company Ltd has been awarded many noble rewards: third class labor order in1997, second class labor in 2003.

In 18 years of activity, Hightech company Ltd has continued growing, consolidating its experience, its innovation and evolution ability, ready to take on the thechnological and market challenges of the third millennium. Hightech company Ltd has achieved these resulta thanks to years of planning and study, a development plan which has required considerable investments and which has involved every aspecta of the company’s structure.

Hightech company Ltd has was the corporation in Vietnam assigned by the State to perform import of complete equipment, plants for all sectors of national economy. Hightech company Ltd has developed to a large enterprise with wide subsidiary net work located in major trading centers such as: Hanoi, Hochiminh city, Haiphong, Laocai… A lot of plants imported by Hightech company Ltd from different countries in the world have been put into operation. They are hydro-power plants, thermo-power plants, coal mining projects, mechanical factories, transformer station and high-voltage transformission line, tool machine manufacturing factories, chemicals plants, urea plants, steel rolling zones, post and telecommunication, water-resources projects, and a lot of other projects items have been deeply attached to the name of Hightech company Ltd throughout the national economic recovery and development stage.

Hightech company Ltd has diversified its activities including import of complete equipment and machinery, spare-parts, materials and consumer goods; and export of electronic ballast, electric equipment, ceramic and china wares, provisionof consulting services for investment and trade feasibility study of invested project, bidding document preparation, tender evaluation… At the threshold of the 21st century, considering the national industrialization and mordenization target as the company’s mission, Hightech company Ltd based on its strengths, opportunities ang challenges, is trying its best and commited to provide the highest possible standard of services to all local and foreign customers.

1.3 The organization structure

The company opareats under the leading of Board of Directors including one General Director- Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lan.

Representatives oversea

Hochiminh city branch

Investment and Trade consulting

  • Business entities consists of 7 import-export department:

–       Import- export Department 1: Specializing in importing complete equipment for priting plants, spare-parts for mechanical and metallurgical plants, informatic equipment for security and defense.

–       Import- export Department 2: Specializing in importing chemical plats, urea plants, materials, petroleum and lab equipment.

–       Import- export Department 3: Specializing in importing construction material, construction equiptment, interior equipment and office.

–       Import- export Department 4: Specializing in importing aytomobile, motorbike, tyre and rubes, spare-part.

–       Import- export Department 5: Specializing in importing machines, equipment, spare-parts, materials for plants, light dusty, and food industry.

–       Import- export Department 2: Specializing in importing  equipment, machines, production materials for brewery, execution equipment.

–       Import- export Department 5: Specializing in importing machines, equipment, spare-parts, materials for plants, light dusty, and food industry.

  • Functions all department:

–       Finance- planting department

–       Administrative department

–       Human resources de partment

1.4 The staff

The staff of the company is 103 of which 37 persons graduated from different universities and many of them are highly experienced and good at pratice. The staff, however, is getting older and unable to take over and deal in business of the company in the competition of the market economy. Otherwhile, the youngers are good at foreign language but they have little experience in doing business. This fact poses difficulties for the company. Finding solution to this matter has been taken into consideration.


Chapter 1: The establishment and development of Hightech limited company

1.1  The reason for establishing Hightech limited company

1.2  History and development

1.3  Organization

1.4  Staff

Chapter 2: Import- export activities

2.1 Export activities

2.1.1 Contents of export contract

2.1.2 Export process

2.2 Import activities (complete equipment)

2.2.1 Definition of complete equipment

2.2.2 Stages of complete equipment

2.2.3 Methods of complete equipment import

2.2.4 The kinds of complete equipment import contract

2.2.5 Process of complete equipment import

2.2.6 Complete equipment import contract

2.2.7 Remarking complete equipment import

2.3 Overview for business activities of Hightech limited company

2.3.1 Business scope

2.3.2 Major import- export commodities

2.3.3 Import-export structure

2.3.4 Import- export turnover for the period of 1994-2005

Chapter 3: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis

3.1 Strengths and opportunities analysis

3.2 Weaknesses and threats analysis

3.3 Solution

3.4 Recommendation


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